Who We Help..

Waste and recycling laws and processes have changed. The world of mixed recycling versus commercial recycling is complicated to navigate and waste/recycling vendors will tell you what they think you want to hear to get your business. Furthermore, Many large businesses have staffed positions for internal environmental projects. 

Over the course of time, a program is build and implemented and in time, positive improvement can be measured. EcoNect is like a staffed position. We provided businesses, municipalities, and organizations with a program and training to implement, and maintain a successful Zero Waste Management program.

Commercial Businesses

Zero Waste is a set of actions designed to help you create habits to reduce, recycle, reuse or compost all the waste you (individual or organization) generate in one day. Managing waste helps to preserve and sustain the ecosystems that support our lives. Message us today to get your plan started right away.

Apartment Buildings
& Rental Properties

EcoNect will be the liaison between you and your community's recycler. Additionally, we can assist you with your building's unique considerations including equipment placement, communication between managers, and much more. Contact us for more information.

Educational Institutions

EcoNect can create an age appropriate educational curriculum teaching zero waste best practices for your students. We will train your educators on how to plan their lessons around this curriculum plan. What's more, your school can benefit from our individualized classroom seminars. Learn more! Message us today.


When it's certification you need, EcoNect is the company you want to employee. We will work hand in hand with your company's project manager putting in place a specific plan to rise your business to the level of Silver, Gold, or Platinum Zero Waste certification within 12 months. Message us today to get started!


Why is it important for municipalities to have zero waste? Short answer: Because it sets a good example to your citizens. Long answer: Since most of the planet’s population (70 percent, in fact) will live in an urban environment by 2050, the report points out that it’s crucial for nations large and small to create city spaces that treat sustainability as a top priority. Why? Well, cities account for 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and concentrated populations within cities consume an incredible amount of resources on a daily basis. -source

Civic Organizations

It's a necessary step for zero waste to reach our community civic organizations. They are the cornerstone of our society and can affect change like no other group can. EcoNect is the perfect partner for your civic organization to support your efforts in achieving zero waste. We will teach your leaders and support staff what the long term goals are for your group. We will break it down into simple, easy to follow steps that everyone can practice every day. We tailor our approach to your needs. Contact us today for more information.


Nothing goes better with zero waste than a non-profit. Traditionally the major player in changing social culture and paving the way for bold, innovative ideas, Non-Profits benefit greatly from zero waste programs they put in place. Everything from appreciative supporters and volunteers to tax benefits. Being a zero waste non-profits literally put their money where their mouths are. Contact us if you're interested in ways EcoNect can help implement a zero waste plan for your non-profit.