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ReNae Bowman

I am a passionate promoter of Zero Waste. Waste is defined as anything that is not recycled, reused or re-purposed, everything in a landfill is waste.  I have 30 year of positive change-agent experience improving operations in both government and business. I am a Master Recycler and Composter who focuses on helping individuals and organizations creating sustainable zero waste habits. 

All businesses, organization, institutions, government and civic organizations, produce waste.  The waste is usually produced daily and/or during special events.  Vendors are used to haul away the waste without much thought.   I can help your organization navigate the waste maze.  My services include:
  • Waste Assessment
  • Solution Recommendations
  • Waste/Recycling Vendor education, collaboration
  • Signage and Training
  • Green Team Development
  • Sustainable programing.


We'll provide you with a program and training to implement and maintain a successful Zero Waste management plan. It will be fully developed, with customized training, signage and built in audits tailored to your needs.

Get started today. Save money and the planet tomorrow.


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Denise Jamison

"Thanks to ReNae I am learning so much while working with her and everyone on the Zero Waste Team! She makes things so clear, and gives us the energy and direction we need to make our program a success!"

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Melissa Chelminiak

"I had the pleasure of working with ReNae for over 4 years on multiple sustainability projects. Her knowledge, expertise, passion and excellent project management skills helped paved the path towards success. I recommend her services for anyone looking for support that will drive positive change with measurable results"

Customer Review

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to every successful business. We, at EcoNect, pride ourselves on our stellar listening skills, our ability to anticipate our client’s needs and when it comes to the perfect program; showcasing our customer’s forward thinking approach to the zero-waste lifestyle.

-ReNae Bowman, Owner.