Who We Help

Navigating Zero Waste is daunting to most. EcoNect's services provide commercial businesses, municipalities, industries, school districts, churches and other organizations with the tools to reduce waste, recycle more and leave behind a cleaner planet.

Our Solutions

With our fully developed Zero Waste program, EcoNect removes the guesswork from waste and recycling processes. Busts recycling myths with easy to use tools, training and custom services. We make it easy to recycle more and waste less.

Who We Are

ReNae Bowman founded EcoNect as a means to improve recycling and reduce waste for communities and organizations. EcoNect provides a customized program and training to implement and maintain a successful Zero Waste program.


"ReNae's skills helped pave the path towards success. I recommend her services for anyone looking for support that will drive positive change with measurable results!"
"Thanks to ReNae I am learning so much while working with her! She makes things so clear, and gives us the energy and direction we need to make our program a success!"​

Are you ready to take the guess work out of navigating the world of recycling, reuse, reduction, composting, and waste? Contact us today for your fully developed Zero Waste program, complete with training, signage, and built in audits.